National Fraternity Alpha Rho Chi is a professional co-educational college fraternity for students studying architecture and other design related professions.  The fraternity’s name is derived from the first three letters of the Greek word architecture:  αρχιτεκτονική. As a professional fraternity the focus of this organization has shifted away from more traditional social fraternity and focuses more on personal and academic success. Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity was founded on April 11, 1914, when the Arcus Society of the University of Illinois and Sigma Upsilon of the University of Michigan came together in Chicago, Illinois. Their union brought together two architecture student organizations into the first national architecture fraternity. Currently there are 20 chapters, 11 dormant, and 5 colonies.  Every chapter chooses a representative ancient Greek, Roman, or Egyptian architect, drafter, or planner that they feel expresses what they bring to APX.  Similarly every chapter chooses a representative symbol and this is used to tie their particular University into the life of the chapter.